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SDN awareness and discovery workshop.

Verizon has experience of implementing SDN solutions for clients around the world and would like to offer you a complimentary workshop—designed around your business—to help you understand how to leverage SDN technologies to your advantage.

We’ll create a bespoke agenda based on your organisation’s requirements for digital transformation.

We can cover all of the following subjects and more:

  • SDN technology and market trends
  • Digital transformation
  • Use cases from your industry
  • Implementing SDN
  • The business benefits
  • Business Application Management

Today’s world is constantly changing. To compete in the digital economy, businesses are expected to respond in minutes. How will your IT team tackle the challenges ahead?

Software-defined networking (SDN) can help your organisation respond to emerging challenges by speeding up the creation of new, exciting business models.

By eliminating reliance on on-site network hardware via our Virtual Network Services (VNS), new services can be added in minutes or hours rather than weeks or months, creating new ways of responding to demand. And, by shifting bandwidth to a usage-based model, you can better control costs.

The true potential of this new technology comes from enabling completely fresh ways of working. Many organisations may be at risk of losing market position due to digital business immaturity. Can your business afford not to discover the benefits of SDN?

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